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Annie Thorisdottir : 2X Fittest Woman on Earth, Motherhood and competing in the 2021 Crossfit Games

Annie Thorisdottir is a two time Fittest Woman on Earth - the first woman to accomplish that feat. She is an 11 time Crossfit Games qualifier with 5 podium finishes. On top of being one of the most revered and recognizable superstars in her sport, she is now a mother with her eyes on a return to the Games. "Iceland Annie" is a co-owner of her own Crossfit gym in Reykjavik where she has paved the way for an amazing amount of young women and men to rise to the top of the sport.

In this episode host Jamie Allison talks with Annie about experiencing immediate, unconditional love at the birth of her daughter, dealing with negative opinions about her return to training and the impact of her popularity on a generation of young girls.

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