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Colleen Fotsch: Transferring Athletic Skills to the Workplace, Changing Sports and Olympic Injury

Colleen Fotsch is both a Crossfit Games individual and team competitor. She was a Division 1 collegiate swimmer at UC Berkeley where she was a two-time national champ, an All-American and NCAA champion, American record holder, and qualified for the Olympic trials. When her swimming career ended, she discovered a love for CrossFit. She is a three-time regional competitor and finished first in the world in the 15.5 Open Workout. Most recently, she made the USA bobsled team before an injury threw a wrench into that plan. Now she is venturing into a corporate role in Data Analysis.

In this episode, Colleen and Jamie talk about her love of sports and competition, how what she learned in athletics transfers to the workplace and the challenge of changing from the elite level of one sport to another.

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