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Do Something: 4 Steps to Powerful Execution

I was visiting the offices of Shopify, one of the hottest technology start-ups in Canada. As I waited in the reception area I noticed a sign hanging on the wall that said: “Do Things. Tell People.” What an amazing way to focus your employees!

It was easy to see how a team could be swept up in the young, hip Silicon Valley-style work environment in the office, but it was obvious that this group was still very focused on the team “getting things done” and working together to build a brand and loyal following.

In order to transform HR internally and help your organization push forward its strategy, departments have to be aware of the same interconnection between branding and execution. One without the other can mean a failed change strategy, an early new employee departure or a botched learning program. Great HR programs are worthless if nobody knows about them, but without strong execution your brand promise and the project itself are doomed.

Steps to a Strong Execution Plan

Know where you are going. Clear, specific goals that link to the organizational strategy and cascade to each individual involved in the project. Everyone needs a line of sight to the big picture.

Measure and communicate progress. At the outset, key metrics need to be outlined, communicated and continually re-visited openly. Be sure everyone knows the timelines expected, who the lead is and what the current status is.

Accountability and progress. Ferret out any issues early and create an accountability mindset. There many ways to do this ranging from a standard project plan format to visuals like the staff flu-shot barometer you might see in a local hospital

Now, tell people. A good communication plan enhances your results. Sharing in the success can build pride in both your team and your company, enhance your brand (of the project team, the department or the company) and can help everyone feel like they are part of something bigger.

If you want a sure-fire way to increase employee engagement, deliver on this phrase.

Do Something, Tell People

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