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People are experiencing job loss, layoffs and rethinking their career paths right now. We are connected with thousands of leaders in industries across North America. We will work to connect you with hiring managers and new roles once things begin to turn around. We focus on full time permanent placement, but will be sure to try our best to align as many people with opportunities as we can. We also will be linking people with job search skills development and tools as we can.

We want to help as many people as we can and continue to build strong relationships with our clients. Lets be sure we can connect the best talent with opportunities as they come up. When things begin to re-build we will work our best to get top talent in front of hiring managers. If you are start-up professionals, displaced leaders, recruiters, project managers or IT professionals - give us your details and we will do our best to provide opportunities, learning tools and support to showcase your talent.

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