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Hunter McIntyre: The Drive to Win, Studying your Competition and Constant Improvement

Hunter McIntyre is one of the most decorated (and polarizing) multi-sport athletes in history. On top of being a mainstay in the sport of Obstacle Racing with 6 World titles to his name, he is a CrossFit Games competitor, holds the "Murph" World Record, the Hyrox World Record, was featured on the 2020 Spartan Games and is undefeated on CMT's popular TV Show Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge.

He was named to the Top 50 Fittest Athlete's List by Sport's Illustrated and has been featured in numerous magazines like Men's Health and Men's Journal, has been a guest on other top podcasts like Rich Roll and Lewis Howes School of Greatness, and has been a featured model for brands like J. Crew and Abercombie and Fitch.

In this episode, Jamie Allison and Hunter talk about his drive to win at everything he does, how he studies his competitors, the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the fitness and sponsorships industry and how his grandfather played a big role in his success.

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