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Jana Webb | The Business Pivot, Breaking Barriers and Reality TV Stardom

In this episode, host Jamie Allison talks with Jana Webb, the founder and CEO of Joga, a unique blend of yoga and sport that has revolutionized how people, including elite athletes, strengthen their mind and bodies.

Jana shares how she quickly changed her business model during the COVID-19 quarantine, how she broke down barriers and stereotypes in pro sports and yoga and how being on a reality show impacted her.

From Pity-Party to Fully-Booked

Jana shares how she was on a pity-party when she learned about her cancelled keynote speaking engagements and postponed tours due to Covid-19. She worried about her business plans being drastically affected until she received a call from one of NHL teams to train the athletes.

It was a big lightbulb moment for Jana and she quickly acted on the opportunity to shift her business from face to face to virtual training via Zoom. At the moment, she trains thousands of NBA and NHL a week.

“Our system is no weights, it's all body movements. So the athletes can do it from their home. This is the perfect program for them right now. We have a lot of leverage right now,” - Jana Webb

Breaking Down Barriers

Jana shares how she worked hard to establish her business. Not only that sports is male dominated, these athletes are kinetic learners. It was hard for Jana to present the concept of yoga to athletes who have been so used to traditional physical training and conditioning.

Aside from this, she talks about the fact that she was a former reality TV star on Real Housewives of Toronto. The publicity she received from fame was great brand-building though a traumatic brain injury hindered her ability to fully take advantage of the experience. However, she proved that with passion, authenticity and determination, she was able to break through the barriers and she continues to grow.

“As an entrepreneur, you have to know your audience and in sport, the audience is not just the athlete, it's everybody that's in that ecosystem of sport. I've done the work and

have surrounded myself with each of those different positions and people so I can learn what they're doing. I'm able to have an intelligent conversation with them about my program, and how that impacts their role.” - Jana Webb

Passion and Sustainability

Jana shares the importance of having authentic self talks to find out what you are meant to be. She talks about how life changing events, such as her car accident, can define and clarify your path.

“I truly think like when you create a brand or business around passion that it will have legs and sustainability. I think if you have passion and you have a story, then it's got some sustainability and longevity, right?” - Jana Webb

To hear more about Jana Webb and her company Joga and how she broke through the stereotypes in sports, listen to the episode.

Guest Bio:

Always an athlete, Jana Webb is the founder and CEO of Joga, a unique blend of yoga and sport that has revolutionized how people, including elite athletes, strengthen their mind and bodies. Joga was fueled by Jana’s personal journey of rehabilitation after a car crash left her severely injured.

Before this chapter of her life, Jana was a successful television host and advertising executive, but after a severe car accident required her to undergo serious rehabilitation — a yogi was born.

Since then, Jana has worked with elite athletes from across North America — including Olympians and players from the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and CFL — helping them to enhance their performance and excel at their sport. Joga has grown to having more than 350 Joga coaches around the globe.

Jana was a cast member on The Real Housewives of Toronto reality series and has been featured in high-profile media outlets including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Inside Fitness, CBC, CityLine, and Breakfast Television, and has spoken for TedX, Optimyz, CanFit Pro, and Veg Expo.

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