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Jennifer Berson: How to Get Featured in Media and Lawyer to Entrepreneur - Leaving Corporate Life

Jennifer Berson is the President and Founder of Jeneration PR, a public relations and social media marketing firm specializing in promoting lifestyle brands. Her clients range from multi-billion dollar brands to small and medium-sized growth organizations. She is also the creator of the Agency Accelerator where she helps teach other entrepreneurs how to grow and scale a profitable marketing agency. Jennifer has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes,, Business Insider and many more. She was also featured on as one of the 10 Mompreneurs Who Made it Big!

In this episode, host Jamie Allison talks with Jennifer about her career move from corporate lawyer to entrepreneur, how she chose living her passion over societal expectations, how she shares her own journey and experiences to help others and her actionable tactics to grow your business through PR strategies.

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