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Katie Knight : Mind over Fatigue, Training Others and the Important Role of Support Teams

Katie Knight is the 2021 World’s Toughest Mudder Champion. Katie has really powered herself onto the Obstacle and Ultra Racing elite scene, also coming in 3rd at the Spartan Ultra World Championships. She has been a qualified Fitness Coach since 2014 and has worked as a personal trainer, a qualified CrossFit coach and a corporate Health and Wellness trainer, so she has a unique connection to whole life success. Katie is a former collegiate hockey player and an entrepreneur who is building her online fitness and training business.

In this episode Jamie Allison and Katie talk about her quick rise to the top in obstacle racing and ultra races in 2021, her goals this year as more races become available, how she overcomes negative self-talk in long events, how she approaches training business professionals and people with different life goals and how her corporate and business experience is helping her as an entrepreneur.

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