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Kristen Bujnowski : Power, Pushing and Eyeing the Olympic Podium

Kristen Bujnowski was recruited to the Canadian Bobsleigh team in 2017 after successful stints in Track and Field and Rowing. Kristen had been building on her power through a regular CrossFit program when she went to testing camp in 2017. Just two weeks later she was in Calgary training at the Ice House. She has already been to the Olympics as an alternate and is now one the of the top brakemen in the program. She quickly has drawn comparisons to some of the legends of the sport. She has multiple World Cup circuit medals and is consistently in the medal conversation at events around the world. Kristen is a well-rounded high performer who has both a Mechanical Engineering degree and Kinesiology degree.

In this episode Kristen and podcast host Jamie Allison talk about how she found the sport of bobsleigh, the effect the pandemic has had on her training and competition year and her transition out of one sport and into another.

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