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Lindsay Webster : Growing Fame, Inspiration, High Performance Habits and Quarantine Hobbies

Lindsay Webster is one of the most recognizable and highly decorated OCR athletes in the world. She is a 2X Spartan Race World Champion and has never missed a podium in 22 USNS races with 13 career wins. In the 2019 Lake Tahoe World Championships she actually "willed" her way into second place while racing on a fractured foot. She is arguably the world's greatest obstacle race athlete.

Recently, Lindsay was one of the featured athletes on the first Spartan Games where they brought a cross-section of competitors from different sports and backgrounds (triathletes, obstacle racers, former NHLers, CrossFit Games "Fittest on Earth" winners, weightlifters and more) and put them in a variety of events to test their overall athletic ability. Lindsay came out on top.

She is married to the top male athlete in their sport, Ryan Atkins who was a previous guest on Big Idea Big Moves.

In this episode, host Jamie Allison chats with Lindsay about training during the pandemic, the Spartan Games, her approach to nutrition, how she and Ryan balance their competitive nature and how her family inspires her. Tell Lindsay and Jamie what you think about this episode by leaving a review and rating. It helps us get the message out there!

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