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Michaela Alexis - Authenticity, Personal Brand and the impact of Remote Work

Michaela Alexis has quickly become an influential  personal brand expert and sought after speaker. Back in 2016 she wrote an article about landing her dream job and it went viral on LinkedIn. Since then, she has authored dozens of articles receiving millions of reads on CNBC, Buzzfeed,, Inc. and more.  Michaela has managed the online presence of more than 100 businesses worldwide, has partnered and starred in brand campaigns with Crowne Plaza and K-Swiss, built her own online community to over 160,000 followers on LinkedIn, starred in an Amazon Prime reality show called "The Social Movement" and co-wrote a book.  She is an official LinkedIn Learning Instructor and regularly consults with clients on building their own brand.  In this episode, host Jamie Allison chats with Michaela about her own unique path to success.  They delve into the "double-edged sword" of authenticity and vulnerability in social media and how she approached major career changes in her own life.

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