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Reasons Your Performance Management System Doesn't Work

Companies often approach our company, epitome., for help in launching or re-designing their performance management systems. There are always varying options on the system or process to implement, but we consistently find a few reasons performance management systems are failing in any organization – regardless of industry.

Managers rely on process. Leaders don’t spend enough time and effort on good, honest conversations. Having a “tick the box” mentality robs both the organization and individual of so much value.

No link to the greater purpose. There is no clear link between the individual role and the goals and values of the overall company.

Everyone’s a Superstar. Also known as Everyone’s Average. Without good conversations and a strong dose of leadership courage the easy answer is make everyone the same."Rashid is an easy appraiser compared to Maria".

A lack of good calibration and accountability creates inconsistency and mistrust.

A) Managers don’t see performance feedback as an integral part of being a great leader.

B) Employees don’t take responsibility for their own career development.

Leaders provide the tools coaching and advice, but personal development is not something “done to you”.

There are always many reasons programs fail in certain organizations, but attacking these points when figuring out your strategy is often a good starting point.

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