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Saijal Patel - Financial Wellness, Re-evaluating and Behaviour Change

A core pillar of high performance is personal financial management and our relationship with money. It is unavoidable and can be a strong contributor to both positive or negative mental health.

In this episode, host Jamie Allison speaks with financial wellness advocate Saijal Patel, founder, and CEO of Saij Elle Wealth Consulting. They talk about taking stock of your own financial wellness, the behaviors that impact our finances, and how organizations can address financial stress in the workplace.

Financial Wellness

Saijal advocates for the development of skills and education that allow people to become financially independent and resilient. However, some people don't trust the financial industry overall or even themselves to make sound financial decisions so they avoid this pillar of performance.

“I just think you have to be able to educate people enough do they understand, what does it take to reach financial wellness and security, and thrive. Then I can understand which pieces I need to do to engage with the industry. Engaging with the industry is not an option. You actually have to be financially well.” - Saijal Patel

Economic Uncertainties

Saijal discusses in this episode the importance of having financial control and having the skills to grow your portfolio. This comes in handy especially in crisis time, such as during the Covid19 pandemic. There is so much economic uncertainty at the moment, but those who were able to build their emergency funds before the crisis are thriving.

“Ever since the great financial crisis, we have been living in more economic uncertainty. We're a lot more globalized, which means that something that happens in another country, especially one of the big economies affects the US and Canada. We're no longer insulated from that. We're addicted to debt, and not just households - governments.” - Saijal Patel

Financial Stress in The Workplace

Saijal discusses a lot more about people, personal relationships with money, especially women, and how it is affecting them in their workplace. She also talks about a lot of organizations that certainly care about their employees and look at employee engagement, but leave the financial discussions outside the workplace.

“If they're having stress at home...mental stress and it's affecting your work, it's personal and money is important to everyone. Unfortunately, what's happening is because there was a lot of silence around money and discussing money, there is a lot of shame and stigma for people who are in financial trouble or don't understand it. It's not discussed. That's very prevalent so I think companies need to take care of this piece. You can't no amount of yoga or Meditation is to help your employees get out of debt.” - Saijal Patel

To hear more about Saijal Patel and how you can apply her expertise to your life or company download and listen to this episode.


Saijal Patel is the Founder and CEO of Saij Elle, a financial consulting and education platform with a mission to help client create financial independence and security.

She also works with companies to build effective financial wellness and inclusion programs for their employees.

Saijal is a CFA with over 20 years experience in the financial industry in both North America and Asia. She is a former business anchor and correspondent for Business News Network and CNBC Asia.

She has been named one of the most influential South Asian Women Executives in the Media and Entertainment industry.

She also led Manulife's public relations activities and brand build across Asia.

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