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Want Energy? Go Back To Class

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a team of UOIT students for a human resources project they were completing. Aside from being a generally enjoyable experience, I was reminded why campus recruitment has always been a passion of mine. The reason I still believe the role of campus recruiter is awesome is because they get to talk to these people every day. They can get a dose of positivity in almost every interaction. Talking to top students not only can help your talent pipeline, it can help revitalize your energy and outlook when it comes to your own mission.

Interacting with students can be a great for you as a professional, but for so many other reasons as well. I jotted down just a couple…

Motivator – their youthful enthusiasm is infectious and can help you move past the cynisicm that creeps into everyone's work over time.

Comfort Level with Technology – talk to students about the benefits of video interviewing platforms and mobile and they will not only be comfortable with it, they will tell you how to make it better. Use them as reverse mentors.

Find the Best and the Brightest – Building and retaining a talent pipeline is becoming the most important challenge to organizations - period. Finding skilled, engaged individuals early in their careers can be the key to both your brand and overall success in the future.

There are so many more reasons - please feel free to share yours.

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