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Why a Goals List Rocks!

This past summer I had the amazing experience of snorkelling with Whale Sharks near Isla de Mujeres. Words can’t explain how amazing it is to swim alongside these massive creatures, seeing the grace in their swim and feeling the rush of water as their tail sweeps past you. I have had this experience on my goal list for many years. This list has prompted me to start my own business, swim with sea turtles and stingrays, and work with amazing people. I have many more things on my list. A goal, or bucket list is indispensable for me and should be something you seriously consider.


Make living a priority

It is so easy to let time pass you by. There will always be the next project, next role and next client. There is not always the next opportunity to swim with a whale shark. When you write down your goals and desired experiences you make sure you commit yourself to living life through experiences.

Create a life by design

If you don’t design your life someone will do it for you. Bucket lists can fun, but also can be a key way to be sure you are making the most out of your work and personal life and not leaving it in the hands of others who ARE living out their dreams.


Research continually shows that experiences increase happiness much more than the acquisition of things. Keeping a bucket list is a great way to revisit those experiences and memories. It is an awesome feeling to look back and relive that exhilaration or sense of accomplishment again and again.

Work hard to create those moments in your life and check something off your bucket list. You will find greater joy and satisfaction as you set goals and work towards checking off the items on your bucket list. Enjoy the journey and tell me about the best ones!

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