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Brooke Ence: Redefining Success, Family First and Training Motivation

Updated: May 18, 2022

Brooke Ence is a fitness icon. You probably know Brooke originally from her strong showing with two event wins and a Top 15 finish in the 2015 CrossFit Games. She had an immediate rise to celebrity status as a Games athlete. She has also had strong showings across regional and team events, but all that took a turn when she suffered a back/neck injury that resulted in surgery.

Since then she has been a role model for redefining her own vision of success. She has thrived in a number of areas like building and supporting multiple business from a skin care line for fitness-minded people, a light-hearted podcast with her best friend, and a fitness program. She is a major health and fitness influencer and has landed roles in big budget films like Wonder Woman and Justice League.

In this episode host Jamie Allison and Brooke talk about the good and bad parts of her quick rise to celebrity in CrossFit, her drive to "do it all", her focus on spending time and being close to her family and friends and how she manages her multiple business and "whole life" interests.

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