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Kels Kiel : Workout Grit, The Power of Strong Female Role Models and Learning to Push a Sled

Kels Kiel is multi-sport athlete. She is a 3X CrossFit Games Team athlete and top individual competitor. She was a two-time all conference soccer athletes and is now in the USA Development Group for Bobsled. She is a performance nutrition expert, fitness influencer with a large Instagram following, entrepreneur and personal trainer. Her ability to transfer from one focus area to another and to do it in a completely different sport is impressive. Her ability to "pivot" is pretty relatable for high performers across industries and fields of expertise - especially in 2020-21.

In this episode, Jamie Allison talks with Kels about her newest adventure with the USA Bobsled Team, how she has developed grit and resiliency, the power of strong female role models and the support of her online fans and community.

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