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Lauren Johnson - Elite Mental Conditioning, Transitions and Finding your Passion

For the past four years, Lauren Johnson has been a Mental Conditioning Coordinator for the New York Yankees.  She has consistently focused on pushing the limits of high performance.  Lauren herself is an experienced University soccer player and she has used that athletic experience, her schooling and a passion to improve performance through mental toughness to build her own rewarding career path. She works with elite athletes, military personnel, business leaders and, of course, the New York Yankee baseball players, staff and prospects.   From the playing field to the boardroom, Lauren helps top performers develop mental toughness so they can be their best regardless of circumstance. Her practical, straight-forward advice and performance strategies provide tangible results and skills that help individuals push through the inevitable challenges life throws at us In this episode, Big Idea Big Moves Podcast Host Jamie Allison talks with Lauren about her own transition from collegiate athlete to mental conditioning expert,  working through career transitions with her athletes, the high performance habits of elite performers and how anyone can build and enhance their own mental focus and toughness.   

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