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Shawn Matthias - Navigating the transition out of pro sports, building a brand, personal development

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Shawn Matthias played 10 years as a professional hockey player in the National Hockey League. Less than two seasons removed from leaving the sport that consumed most of his life he has reinvented himself and begun building a new career and life on his terms. On this episode Jamie talks with former NHLer Shawn Matthias about how reflection, planning and developing his own personal brand helped ease his transition from professional sport to the business world. His candid talk about struggles, challenges and personal development on this episode are not to be missed! If you are looking at a big change in your own life, be sure to check this one out. Here's a sneak peak. Live the life you want to live! Check out the full podcast interview with Shawn and subscribe today.

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